package AdaBase is
   type Case_Modes is (lower_case, natural_case, upper_case);
end AdaBase;

Case_Modes function
AdaBase.Driver.Base.[DB].trait_column_case ()

This is a connection attribute. It returns the driver setting dictating how the column names are referenced. The default is natural_case which means the column names are returned and referenced exactly as they are defined in the database. Alternatively, the column names can be transformed to all capital letters (upper_case) or all lower case letters (lower_case).

AdaBase.Driver.Base.[DB].set_trait_column_case (trait : Case_Modes)

This procedure is used to set the column case behavior.

See client traits and select query for usage examples.

[DB] is "MySQL.MySQL_Driver", "PostgreSQL.PostgreSQL_Driver", or "SQLite.SQLite_Driver"

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