package AdaBase is
   type Error_Modes is (silent, warning, raise_exception);
   ERRMODE_EXCEPTION : exception;
end AdaBase;

Error_Modes function
AdaBase.Driver.Base.[DB].trait_error_mode ()

This is a connection attribute. It returns the driver setting dictating how errors are handled when encountered. The default is warning which means error messages will be logged by any active loggers, but processing will continue. If this attribute is set to silent then nothing will be logged and processing will continue. In either case, the application has to be designed to handle the associated failed results, otherwise runtime failures will soon follow. The final value of raise_exception will cause the AdaBase.ERRMODE_EXCEPTION exception to be raised whenever an error is encountered.

AdaBase.Driver.Base.[DB].set_trait_error_mode (trait : Error_Modes)

This procedure is used to set the error mode. It can be set anytime.

See client traits and last driver message for usage examples.

[DB] is "MySQL.MySQL_Driver", "PostgreSQL.PostgreSQL_Driver", or "SQLite.SQLite_Driver"

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