Boolean function
AdaBase.Driver.Base.[DB].trait_query_buffers_used ()

This is a connection attribute. It returns True if the driver is configured to fetch the entire result set and store it in memory. This feature is not supported by all drivers. For the MySQL driver, this attribute is True by default.

AdaBase.Driver.Base.[DB].set_trait_query_buffers_used (trait : Boolean)

This procedure is used to configure the use of result buffers. It can be set anytime (before or after establishing the connection).

Some client libraries have the ability to store the entire result (all rows) from the database server and release the resource. This is known as buffering, but this performance improvement can potentially consume a huge amount of memory, so the application should likely disable buffering if the result set is expected to be enormous. When buffering is off, the server waits for the client to partially fetch the remaining data and this can take several round trips within the protocol.

See compression settings [DS] for a usage example.

This trait is limited to specific drivers. Specially [DB] is limited to "MySQL.MySQL_Driver"

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