package AdaBase is
   type Trax_ID          is mod 2 ** 64;
   subtype Affected_Rows is Trax_ID;
end AdaBase;

Affected_Rows function
AdaBase.Statement.Base.[STMT].rows_returned ()

This function returns the number of rows in the result set. Support may vary depending on driver. For example, on MySQL, using this function results in an exception if the connection was made with query buffering turned off, since the value will be inaccurate in that case. The SQLite driver always returns zero because it can't determine the result size until all the rows have been fetched. An alternative for SQLite is to use the fetch_all function and get the length of the resultant array of all rows in the result set.

See stmt fetch next row for a usage example.

[STMT] is "MySQL.MySQL_statement", "PostgreSQL.PostgreSQL_statement", or "SQLite.SQLite_statement"

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