package AdaBase.Results.Sets is
   type Datarow        is tagged limited private;
   type Datarow_Access is access all Datarow;
   type Datarow_Set    is array (Positive range <>) of Datarow_Access;
end AdaBase.Results.Sets;

AdaBase.Results.Sets.Datarow_Set function
AdaBase.Statement.Base.[STMT].fetch_all ()

This function retrieves the entire result set from a query at once (or the remaining rows of data if some data has already been fetched). The Datarow_Set is an array of rows that is indexed started from 1, and the number of rows is easily determined by the standard Length attribute of Ada arrays.

With the SQLite driver, the result set is limited to the first 20,000 rows.

See select query for a usage example.

[STMT] is "MySQL.MySQL_statement", "PostgreSQL.PostgreSQL_statement", or "SQLite.SQLite_statement"

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