AdaBase.Statement.Base.[STMT] function
AdaBase.Driver.Base.[DB].query (sql : String)

This function executes the literal SQL string it is given and returns the statement object that contains the result set (if any).

For queries that require issuing multiple times, there is much better performance if the prepare function is used which returns access to a prepared statement object instead. This call may fail if the previous query was incompletely fetched and the resource is still open. The discard_rest function should be used to release the database resources associated the query in that case.

See stmt fetch next row for a usage example.

[DB] is "MySQL.MySQL_Driver", "PostgreSQL.PostgreSQL_Driver", or "SQLite.SQLite_Driver"

[STMT] is "MySQL.MySQL_statement", "PostgreSQL.PostgreSQL_statement", or "SQLite.SQLite_statement"

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